Enjoy picturesque landscapes and a piece of history… Located in the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains, The INN at Willow Pond was originally a dairy farm built in the 1770's. The farm, which was large by Vermont standards, encompassed the INN’s land and the neighboring golf course. The underpass, through which the farmer drove his cows to pasture, is still present today and is a pleasant site to explore on a stroll around the INN’s 20 scenic acres.

The farmhouse, which now hosts special events and conferences on the first floor and has meeting rooms on the second, is also a reminder of those earlier times. It was built using traditional post and beam construction, which required farmers to cut all the timber to exact size and then leave to dry for a year. After the marble foundation was laid, friends and neighbors from miles around would come lend a hand with the house raising.

The farm played a significant part in pre-Civil War history as one of the stops along the Underground Railroad. Runaway slaves were kept in the farmhouse’s basement during the day and then transported under cover of night across the border to Canada and freedom. This secret basement is still intact and is an intriguing historical site we invite all to see.

The INN at Willow Pond opened in 1986, which also marks the year the farmhouse and lodge were restored and our three other buildings were constructed. In 1991 the Bauer Family, (Kay, Ron, Stephen and Erich), purchased the INN and have been managing the lodging and special event and conference facilities ever since.

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